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More About iBABEL

Our Story

iBABEL is an innovative Mobile Application that was inspired by our creator Jehovah and manifested into a LiaaS Platform by

Pierre Marshall Calixte, a.k.a MEGA.

Developed as an Ai tool, iBABEL breaks the barriers of language and promotes unification through a One World Common Dialog. With iBABEL, communication is made easier and the world is brought closer together.


Pierre Marshall Calixte

President / CEO

Information Technology Consultant
Computer Science Engineer
Software Developer
Cyber Security Analyst
Network Engineer
Systems Administrator


Senior Opportunist

All-Around Stand  Up Guy

Street Savvy Individual in the
East/West Coast Midwest and Dirty South

Great with the Ladies




Lead Visionary

Certified Truther
Conspiracy Theorist 
Master of Wokeness
In-Between-the-Lines Observer


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